What’s new?

The lump to the right is my car!
Well, something and nothing. 🙂
Of course I am fortunate enough to be caught in the region that has been hit with a blizzard. This is a curse and a blessing. We (my brother, daughter and I) can’t get leave the house. We were all suffering from cabin fever six hours into our day. It is going to be a looooong weekend!

On the other hand, it is a blessing because for the most part, the house is quiet. This gives me time to catch up on some reading and writing and do a little uninterrupted web surfing! Ok…I’ve been doing more web surfing than reading, but rarely to I have time to devote to any of these things for more than a few minutes without day to day responsibilites calling me.

Some portion of my surfing is usually devoted to looking for places where my book is popping up. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my book made the Hot New Releases list on Amazon.com! How cool is that?!

I am currently part of a writing workshop at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore. For our first assignment, we were given a peculiar picture prompt and challenged to write something outside of our genre. My story, so far is reading more like a humorous skit…perhaps I’ll post it here once its complete. I can’t wait until the next meeting to see what the other participants have come up with!

As far as reading is concerned, most of my reading lately has been online, which is reading, but not to me – not really. So I recently purchased two books: The Prisioner’s Wife by Asha Bandele and Jah’isms by Jah X El, one of my online writing buddies. I have tried to explain to my daughter why reading is so important to improving your writing, but she doesn’t take telling too well. I have to lead by example once again! I found a poem within the first chapter of Asha Bandele’s book. You can find this piece on my fanpage. Two words come to mind as I read Asha’s memoir: intimate and courageous. I’m absolutely intrigued by the how her relationship with her husband, an inmate, came to be.

Next weekend, weather permitting, I plan to go to Second Saturday Poets and perhaps read a couple of my pieces. Publishing a work is one thing but public reading and recitiation is another thing entirely! I pray for courage!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what’s next for me! In the meantime, if you live in a warm region of the world, please send us some heat!


4 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. Thank God for the desert ;-).

    So happy 4 U Sis and may God continue to bless you. I pray that he increase your courage by a tenfold.

    I read piece out of your book a day (even it’s my 3rd time around) reading is power and your words is empowerment. I remember when I first came upon “MOVE ME”… it left me speechless…well until Tony flipped it and I tried to flip him…LOL

    Thanks for your words…

    1. Hi Quinn! Thank you so much for that blessing and all of your support! I think “Move Me” is my favorite! Tony and I had a great poetic volley for that one! LOL! The poem, “Right Here” came out of that conversation also! Sooooo, when is your book coming out Quinn?

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