“Name It and Claim It”

Last weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy the play “Name It and Claim It,” written by local writer, director and producer, Mary L. Washington.

Portia is on the prowl for her husband! When she sees Derrick, she is certain that he is THE ONE and begins plotting to make him her husband! After all, she was taught in church that if she “named it and claimed it” God would certainly give her what she wanted. She decides to get Derrick’s attention by joining the bible study group that he attends each week. In the process of trying to gain Derrick’s affection, she discovers a few things about him that could foil her marriage plans. With the guidance of her friends Niecy, Teesa and Nicole, she discovers that there is a far better way to meet her true love.

Writer, Director and Producer, Mary L. Washington tells a wonderfully inspiring story. “Name It and Claim It” takes a humorous look at one of the most common ways scripture, in particular John 14:13-14, is often misinterpreted. Although is play is based on biblical themes, the audience was not made to feel like they were in the middle of a fire and brimstone sermon. The characters were well developed and the cast was believable. The songs were beautiful and added a wonderful touch to the play.

This is definitely a play the entire family can enjoy. I give this production 4 ½ out of five stars. I look forward to hearing more from Mary L. Washington.

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