Along the Way 2010

I continue to meet great authors and leaders everywhere I look! Check them out here:

Some of my Publishing House-Mates:
Anelda Ballard, CEO of Jazzy Kitty Publishing and Author. You can also find the works of Gwen Gibbs and Alfancena Millicent Barrett.

Katrina Gurl, Author of Balcony View and co-founder of Steamy Trails Promotions
Balcony View

Sheila Andrien, Author of Straight Up Hope Straight Up Hope

Elaine Newkirk, Author of The House With Dirt Walls and Super Mom! (What she is doing is amazing!) The House with Dirt Walls

Ms. Fiordaliza Charles – she’s writing two books at once! Check her out here. My Poetic Heart

Micheal Charles Givens, Author of The Dopeless Hope Fiend who will be the featured guest of our good friend

G.D. Grace’s Blog Talk Radio Show, A Touch of Grace on December 7th. (G D, in addition to being a talented Author and talk show host, puts together a pretty mean youtube playlist! =D) Ripped and Ready

and if you are tired of hearing about all the bad news, check out Emmanuel Brown’s sites: Seeing Growth highlighting black men and women doing great things and Label Me Royalty, which gives young people the opportunity to create positive labels for themselves. Emmanuel is also a Blog Talk Radio host. I Am Royalty Volume I

I’ll be adding more real soon!

9 thoughts on “Along the Way 2010

  1. You are far to kind Nike and I love what you did here sis, I also have your book on my author website and I hope that your book continues to prosper and sales keep increasing.

    P.S As of yesterday I have three books now (smiles)

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