Another Friend on the Air Tonight!!!!

As the author of, “The Dopeless Hope Fiend, Veteran Police Officer Becomes Homeless Drug addict Before Finding Redemption After Near Death Experience,” Michael Charles Givens masterfully shares his experience, faith, strength and hope and illustrates his extraordinary life. Givens chronicles his disasters while challenging and inspiring those caught in the deep hole of addiction to lead a happy and prosperous life free of addictions.

Givens’ experiences uniquely qualify him to see both sides of society. As a police officer, he was sworn to uphold the law. As a drug addict, he was compelled to violate it.

Tune in to A Touch of Grace with G.D. Grace, today at 6pm PST and 9pm EST to hear more about Micheal’s journey!
cover Dopeless Hope Fiend

2 thoughts on “Another Friend on the Air Tonight!!!!

    1. No thanks needed! I’m really proud to have crossed paths with such a wonderful group of people.

      I just finished cooking dinner and I’m getting ready for the show right now, G.D.!!! And I would love to be on the show! I’ll inbox you my info! ((hugs))

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