Looking for the Lesson

One of the things that the start of a New Year brings is thoughts of self-improvement. Most of us immediately set the ever popular goal of becoming fit and healthy. Many of us take time to re-evaluate our relationships and shed pounds by removing people from our inner circle. I am not a fan of the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing because I (like many of you) can’t seem to stick to my resolutions beyond the first two weeks of January. (Don’t judge me!) This is not to say I do not look for areas of improvement during this time of year. I simply do not stress myself out about focusing on one issue for the entire year.

I still have my weekly alarm set for 4pm, and I ask myself (and sometimes the people around me) “What have you learned this week.” I don’t always have an answer, but it serves as a great reminder for me to pay attention to my environment and be on the lookout for a lesson. Although my alarm is not set for today, I realized that I learned something very valuable from a dear friend that I NEED to emulate.

This friend is under a lot of stress right now. They are dealing with family issues, new job, re-evaluating their inner circle, as well as dealing with health issues. Very rarely does this person complain. Although they have reason to speak about certain situations in anger, they never do. They take the time to consider the pros and cons of each situation before reacting. They always take the high road and I am completely amazed by that. I have a tendency to vent first and repent later – definitely an area for me to work on. So this year, an addition to looking for the lesson each week, I will be mindful of the opportunities to take the high road like my friend.

Woman Thinking

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