Black History Month – TheGrio’s 100: La’Shanda Holmes,

As many of you know, February is Black History Month.  This is the month that we look at the contributions that black people have made to society and celebrate many of the “firsts”.  Often, we tend to focus on events that happened decades ago, or earlier.  But the events that happened just yesterday, qualify as history also.

I want to take a moment to focus some of our more recent history makers.  Like La’Shanda Holmes qualifies as a Black History Month “first.”  She became the first African American Female helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard in April 2010.  

La’Shanda’s mother committed suicide when La’Shanda was 2 years old.  She was raised in foster care with more than 12 other siblings.  In spite of the harsh hand she was dealt in her childhood, La’Shanda excelled.  She attended Spelman College prior to joining the Coast Guard.  She recently transferred to Coast Guard Air Station Los Angeles where she will continue to pilot missions and respond to emergency situations.

Learn more about this history maker on

TheGrio’s 100: La’Shanda Holmes, first black female Coast Guard copter pilot flying high.

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