Who are You Reading?

Finally March is here!!! That means we are that much closer to spring! It also means it is National Reading Month! (Don’t worry, I will cover the other month-long celebrations that occur in March before the month is out!)

There are a few books I need to make the time to read. Some of the more popular titles I want to snag are: The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, The Help, and Have A Little Faith. But I don’t plan on limiting myself to items found on the New York Times best seller lists. There are a number of books published by Indie Authors that are on my must have list. I encourage you to check out these authors too!

Jah’isms II by Jah X-El

Dopeless Hope Fiend by Michael Charles Givens

I Am Royalty Profiles in Black History (Series) by Emmanuel Brown

Inspirational Drama:
The House with Dirt Walls by Elaine Newkirk

So tell me…what’s on your reading list?

9 thoughts on “Who are You Reading?

  1. Gotta be honest here. I’m not reading anything now cuz I’m working on two projects. When I have time I simply must read a book called Persistance of Vision by the beautiful, talented and funny Nike Marshall.

    1. Awwww shucks! Thanks Mike! You’re making me blush! Your book has been on my must read list for a minute! Especially after your interview with G.D. Grace! There is no way you can survive what you went through and NOT acknowledge God’s hand in your survival! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Why you got to be starting sumin’, LOL.

    I also want to read The Help. An out of the box read for me, hopefully this year, will be “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African Written By Himself”

    I’m also in the process of reading “Craving God eBook by Lysa TerKeurst.

    1. Cat Eyes, why YOU got to be startin’ sumn! LOL! Vassa is an interesting story!!!! I almost did a post about him for Black History Month (I’ll probably still do the post later this year.) Apparently, he had some influence on John Newton’s change in postion from slave holder to abolitionist. (Add the movie “Amazing Grace” to your netflix if you haven’t seen it yet!) “Craving God” is an interesting sounding title…I’m going to have to check that one out too!

      1. Heyyy, actually I just watched “Amazing Grace” a couple weeks ago with my hubby. It was AMAZING. I didn’t put the two together (VASSA) until I started reading some of the reviews on Amazon.

  3. Currently I’m reading Zipcodez by Author Aleta Williams as well as touching in on my Jah’isms II and I Am Royalty Profiles in Black History (Series) by Emmanuel Brown… I must say I’m enjoying them all to the fullest!

    I’m not much of a reader there has to be a great storyline in the book to hold my attention and Zipcodez has done just that. As far as the other books of poetry Jah is the bomb and the Inspirational series is a hit as well.

    I encourage anyone who likes to read to catch up on these authors.

    1. Ta’Nisha, there was a time when you couldn’t catch me without a book in my hand! I’m trying to get back to reading more, and I’m with you, the story has to be gripping!

  4. Thug In Me by Karen Williams * Pretty Bright by Mimi Renee* Chedda Boyz by CJ Hudson. yes I am a urban lit Diva lol. I just got done with My Side of the Story by Charron Monaye a Poerty masterpiece and Natural Born Killaz by Terry Worton a true to life south central Los Angeles tale; both 5 star reads.

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