What I Learned This Week

This past weekend was Women’s Day at my church. Women’s Day is an annual celebration in many black churches meant to uplift and empower women. This year our theme was: “Who am I? I Am My Sister’s Keeper.” I left the Prayer Breakfast and Sunday Morning Service realizing that I have been very selective of who I consider my sister and how I extend my sisterhood. When I speak of sisters, I am speaking of those women that I allow into my inner circle. We look out for each other. We celebrate each other’s achievements. We encourage each other when we fall short of our goals, and we even correct each other when we see our sister stepping out of line. I thought about the women in my circle. I am closer to some than others. But I love them all the same. But they do not represent all of my sisters. Who have I neglected or forgotten?

Who have I forgotten?

One woman came to mind. I’ve thought of her often over the past year. I actually shed a tear every time she comes to mind. She has been through a lot in her life. I know, for example, that she his broken-hearted because of division in her family. As a child, she had the brightest smile and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. If she began to laugh, you would not be able to keep a straight face. In spite of her hardships, I see her as someone who is absolutely overflowing with gifts and talents that people around her failed to recognized and nurture. She is tough. (Don’t cross her!) But I have also seen a piece of her just wants to be recognized as a lady.

I heard that she has fallen on hard times in the last year. I said that I would get a hold of her then. I found her contact information online. I still haven’t reached out to her. I’ve missed her birthday, Christmas, New Years. I’m not very good at finding the words to soothe a rough situation, but that is no excuse for not contacting her. By failing to contact her, I have made her a low priority. That is no way to treat a sister. I don’t have much in the way of tangibles to offer her, but I’m certain a listening ear, friendship, a little sisterly love, will go a long way to making her situation more bearable.

So, what I have learned this week is that I am my sister’s keeper. Now, I need to start living it.

12 thoughts on “What I Learned This Week

    1. I so agree E! We used to believe in that as a community. We need to get back to that way of thinking in a hurry!!!

  1. Reading this makes me think about the people “women” God placed in my life. The women that I refuse to open up to or allow to help me, because of my pride or because I was not able to help them when they needed it most. The funny thing is, those special women do not feel like we feel. They love us regardless. We have to walk away from our pride and be the whole woman of God that he designed us to be. That means being there for our sisters through good and bad. Through ups and downs. I know I am. Thanks for sharing.
    I am my sister’s keeper!

    1. Aleta, I used to have a saying, “Pride is a man killer.” It’s a woman killer too! But God bless those that will love you beyond your pride! Thank you for you comments!

    1. Aleta, you were totally on point!!! Pride is one of those things that prevents us from being there for another sister…(and being judgmental…that’s another stumbling block!)
      Hugs and Love Aleta!

  2. Now this definitely deserves an AMEN!!! This really hit home for me, because throughout this Women’s Day season, I’ve been so busy making sure everything was running smoothly, that I also neglected to reach out to those that have been laying heavy on my heart. I was a ‘hearer’ and not a ‘doer’. I’m learning that its not so much what you say that counts, but more of what you actually do, is what really matters. I know for certain that God has placed certain ‘Sistas’ in my life (Nike) for a reason, and I thank Him for using us to ‘keep’ each other in line.

  3. Starr, it’s never too late to be a doer! And you did a great job with Women’s Day!! To anyone who is wondering Starr is the sister responsible for inspiring this post and leading our Women’s Day Celebration this year. GREAT JOB STARR!!!

  4. Nike,
    I hope you remember me!! I remember when you were a senior in high school. You shared some of your short stories with me. I knew then of the talent you have with words. Congratulation with your success girl! A wise friend once told me “Don’t let those tig bitties go boobalah jiggalah in the back of the bus!”

    God Bless!
    Shirley Amon Baker

    1. SHIRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! How could I forget you! I’ve been looking for you! LOL!!! I totally forgot about the back of the bus! hahahahahahahaha!!! I sent you an email….let’s catch up!!!

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