I’ve learned…

…fear will rob you of your peace of mind.

That’s it. It’s something we all know, yet we still fall into the trap. We allow what we see, or even what we imagine, to steal our peace, alter our moods, and even destroy or hinder relationships. Fear is a thief. It’s a bold thief. It runs around day and night, snatching your capacity to reason, talking you out of logical and often obvious solutions, causing you to act like anyone but yourself.

I’ve learned that fear is the enemy of faith. When you are in the midst of a challenge, you may not see the outcome you want. You may see the worst case scenario looking you in the eye. But as soon as you begin to hope, faith kicks in and changes the landscape. Hope hard enough and fear evaporates.

I’ve learned that fear is a choice. So is faith. Only one of these options offers peace of mind and spirit. Which will you choose?

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