Coming Home

Your letter said you were coming home.
I’m not quite sure how I should feel.
I’m excited about your return,
but worried things will be unchanged.
Things have been quiet since you’ve been away,
life has been calm,
but I have so missed your presence.
I missed the sound of you getting ready for your day.
I even missed the sound of the door slamming behind you
as you rushed to meet the day.
Oh, how your rushing made me nervous.
How your rushing made me pray.
Your letter said you were coming home,
and other than the bags you will have in your hands,
I wonder what other baggage you will carry.
I’m hoping you left it all behind,
In a place never to been found again.
My heart can’t take the ups and downs
of you going in and out.
I hope you’ve found your center.
Somehow I don’t think you will stay too long.
Steady and quiet does not seem to satisfy you.
I hope you have gained perspective
and life will be easier for us to navigate.
You are coming home
and that is all that matters.
So I guess I’d better be prepared.
I will hope for the best
and wear a smile when you arrive.
Maybe that’s what you’ve needed all this time.
I’ll act like I trust you
for all of our sakes,
and pray that it is enough
to give you the strength you need to stand.
I won’t worry about the worst,
until it happens,
and I pray that it doesn’t.
But I know that it will.
When you arrive,
I’ll greet you with open arms and say,
“Welcome home.”

Nike Binger Marshall © 2011

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