Move Me

There has been so much happening over the last few weeks, it made doing this next post a real challenge! Even now, I have a teenager breathing down my neck and watching the clock because she wants us to go walking this morning. Can’t disappoint the baby, right?! Besides, she trying to keep her mother healthy! (She’s a good kid!)

In my last post, I told you to ask about pieces from the book, and you did! This week, I read another piece from my book, “Persistence of Vision” called, “Move Me” as requested by Katrina. Check it out, and as always, leave a comment and feel free to share this post with a friend!

15 thoughts on “Move Me

    1. Thank you Aleta! When you have someone who knows how to move you, it makes a WORLD of difference! Thanks for stopping in and your comments!

  1. Elegant and profound. I was really struck by the phrase “show me you know how to fight, not with gun or fist or knife but with bowed head and clasped hands.” That part should be moving to any man trying to improve on his relationship with God. A rarely shared secret to improving our relationships with our wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers…any woman we value in our lives is to improve our relationship with God. And when you say “show me you know how to fight”…those relationships are very, very much worth fighting for.

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