I wouldn’t call it writer’s block…

I feel like I haven’t posted anything in a row of Sundays! I have ideas swirling in my head at warp speed, but I don’t have enough hands and pens to write them all down! In spite of all the flowing ideas, it seems that I’m writing things 200 words at a time. Very frustrating.

My biggest challenge right now, is recovering from loss. I thought getting back to “normal” would be easier, happen faster. I was wrong. The “normal” I knew at the start of this journey doesn’t exist anymore. I have to deal with how things have changed. I have to consider how I have grown and changed in the process and become friends with the new normal.

In spite of my slowed creative spell, some great things have happened over the last couple of months! I’ll be sharing them with you VERY soon! I’m still working on my next two books. Still no idea which will come out first. And, best of all, I have managed to find time to get some reading done!!! Between Nook, Kindle and recent purchases from Borders, I have about 7 books on my immediate “to read” list! (To see my complete reading list, visit my page on goodreads.com!)

Well, I am going to get back to my writing project. I’ve set a goal to be finished by Tuesday! I’ll be back to share more with you soon! Happy Sunday!


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