The Lash

We stood face to face
Taking in every detail
Admiring every feature.
Romantic multi-tasking
At it’s finest.
Our eyes
Fell on each other’s lips
Often in that short
Not wanting to seem
We quickly diverted our eyes,
Laughing nervously,
Looking away
And then back at each other.
Then you saw it
And made your move.
You pulled me close and whispered,
“Don’t move,”
You puckered your lips,
And gently blew the stray lash
Off my cheek
As if you were performing delicate surgery.
And then,
You stole a kiss
And my heart
In one swift, smooth motion.
Then you stepped back
With a look of satisfaction on your face
And smiled.
I smiled
And looked away
As if it were the first time I’d been kissed
And quietly hoped
For another lash to fall.

 2011 Nike Binger Marshall

19 thoughts on “The Lash

  1. Reblogged this on Nikewrites Blog and commented:

    It’s been a busy summer and I have neglected you all for to long! But I am still here!

    It’s Throwback Thursday! You know what that means! I pull something from the archives to share with you all! This piece is one of my favorites. I thought it was worth sharing again! Enjoy!

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