He held this new creation in his arms.
Oh, how his wife had suffered.
Two before, born and lived
Only to have one slay the other.
The living son was banished
A piece of her heart left with them.
She thought all was lost,
Until her belly swelled with life once more.
Light came back to her eyes.
She glowed.
Her sense of purpose was restored.
She was made to be a mother.
She did it so well,
That many times he thought
She was created first.
He was happy that she was restored
But he was concerned.
Confusion had slithered into their lives before.
What would happen with this child?
If they had another son,
Would brother kill brother again?
The child squirmed in his arms,
Pressing closer to his father for warmth,
Seeking comfort and protection.
He vowed to be a better father this time.
No harm would come to this one
If he could help it.
He would ask God to watch over his son
When he was not present.
“God has given me another seed in place of Abel”
So overjoyed with this beautiful new beginning,
he called him Seth.
This child would have a good life.
His father was certain.

 2011 Nike Binger Marshall

3 thoughts on “Seth

  1. Reblogged this on Nikewrites Blog and commented:

    I’ve missed a few Throwback Thursdays! I could not disappoint you (or myself) for yet, another week! Today’s piece is about death and loss and rebirth. Enjoy!

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