Thanks to You

Thanks to you,
I’ve become a master mason.
I am able to construct
a mile high brick wall
in less than a minute.
It segregates me
from your murderous spirit.
There is freedom
on my side of the wall.
I’m disconnected
from your dysfunction,
and emotional constipation,
no longer nursing your
putrid stagnation.
Bidding you adieu
gave me eagle’s wings,
broad and strong enough
to rise above
the toxic atmosphere of misery
in which you choose to dwell.

Thanks to you,
I was forced to take
a spiritual journey
and bathe in the fountain of rationality
in order to restore
the spirit you attempted to smother,
the dream you tried to kill,
and the creativity you thought you erased.
Your attempts to inspire
confusion, unsoundness and insecurity
within my spirited failed.
I know the difference
between being lonely and being alone.
Saying farewell to loneliness
and embracing solitude
has brought me such sweet relief.
I no longer walk on pins and needles.

Thanks to you,
detachment is no longer
a negative notion.
It is a synonym for freedom.

by Ami Ippoliti

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