First Blog of 2012

I fell asleep at about 4am on January 1st and woke up at 8am. Not good. I tried to go back to sleep, but had too much on my mind. None of it was bad, mind you, I was just anxious to begin planning my moves for the new year. I just really needed to get some rest! I tried to go back to sleep, but ended up dozing off until about 9:30. I had to get up and put my plan down on paper. I don’t want to feel like I’m spinning my wheels this year.

I broke my goals down into a few categories: my writing (next book and poetry) and my writing for Heed, family time and me time.

While I think I have set down an ambitious plan for writing, blogging, church activity and family life, I didn’t overwhelm myself by trying to write a 12 month plan. I’ve given myself a 6 month focus. That is really all I can handle. It gives me time to work my plan, then review what I’ve accomplished by June. Then I can regroup and work my plan for the balance of the year.

A huge part of my plan involves the word “no.” People don’t like hearing that word. I don’t like using it, often. But I have learned that limited use of the word leads to stress and frustration for me. I want to be able to give my best to anything I commit to doing, so I won’t be spreading myself thin this year. In addition to the word “no,” I will be enforcing regularly scheduled “me time.” I also know that “me time” can be easily turned into “we time” for me and my daughter. My daughter and I have also made mental notes about some of the local sites we want to visit this year.

So, what plans have you made? Are they too broad, too specific, or maybe too ambitious? Are you still on track or have you fallen off the track already? Take a look at this clip, some great tips are offered. If you haven’t set goals for this year (not resolutions), it’s not too late! Start planning now!

3 thoughts on “First Blog of 2012

  1. For me, outside of family time, my primary focus is on school. I’m on my last semester of pre-requisites for the program I want to apply to so I’ve got to keep my focus. But, I also want to become more consistent in my blogging, so while I will still continue working on my book, I’ve got to put school at the forefront, at least until May. Come summertime, my focus will probably shift, but similar to you, I set my focus semester by semester instead of yearly…Good luck to you!

  2. One of the first things that I did a few years back was to continuously plan. I realized that keeping my priorities in order throughout the year is one of the best ways for me to always move forward. I have set deadlines for some things and I am going into 2012 with those deadline set and constantly in mind.

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