Valentine’s Day….for Men

I had lunch with my daughter today and the topic turned to what we were getting our respective Boos for Valentine’s Day. Oddly enough, we both came up with the same gift idea. But then I wondered, “What would he really like to receive?” I’ve always had a hard time shopping for the men in my life. They either research and purchase what they want, or they respond, “I just want peace and quiet,” or “You don’t have to buy me anything,” when I ask them for specifics. Not helpful at all. So my daughter and I created a list of Great Guy Gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Now, I did run this list by my older brother and he added a few suggestions as well, so I feel like this is a pretty balanced list for all levels of romantic relationships.

Great Guy Gifts for Valentine’s Day

1. Music – Create a Youtube playlist of his favorite songs and email it to him.

2. Team Jersey – Purchase his favorite team jersey, or create a team jersey’s with YOUR names on it. 🙂

3. Write a song and serenade him – Ok, this one is a little risky. Now, it requires your willingness to make a fool of yourself if your singing skills are left wanting, and your mate’s sense of humor or appreciation of your skill or lack thereof. Be sure to think this one through, sister!

4. Plan a cooking date – Yes, you two. In the kitchen. Cooking! 😉

5. Plan an indoor picnic – Get a sitter, pack a picnic basket with fruit, veggies and other finger foods, spread a blanket in the living room and feed each other!

6. Men like chocolate too! – Everybody like’s chocolate! Choose a brand that describes your affection for him and pair it up with a homemade card: You’re worth 100 Grand; Giving you Hugs and Kisses; My love for you is wider than the Milky Way; You are my Mr. Goodbar; Oh Henry! You get the idea!

7. Couples yoga -This is not for the sedentary! But if you are of reasonably good fitness, this is a great way to connect with each other.

8. He saw that chick flick you wanted to see. Reciprocate in kind sister! Go see that adventure/action/sci-fi political drama he’s been talking about!

9. Wash his car – By hand, if you live in a warmer climate. If you live in a colder region, I’m sure he’ll appreciate you taking the car to the car wash for him.

10. Re-enact that scene from True Lies – This is for grown folk only! If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about!

11. Love coupons – Create a Valentine’s booklet with coupons to be redeemed whenever your love is the mood for romance and fun!

If you have additional ideas, add them in the comments section!

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