Brace yourself for the rant to follow:

Tomorrow, I’m going to come home, march up the steps, go in my room, barricade the door, get in my bed with my notebook, pen and a flashlight, pull the covers over my head and write!

I feel like I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks. By the end of the day, I’m thoroughly exhausted. I can barely string together something that resembles a proper sentence. (If you could see the typos I just corrected…pathetic!) Writing page after page, feels impossible. Maybe if I get a massage…I am long overdue…I think I will! A massage will to me good!

This concludes my random rant. Have a great day! (I’m off to find another great audio book to enjoy!)

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

    1. What is that thing they say about the “plans of man”? Yeah…I didn’t even come close to celebrating Leap Day with some writing! It’s all good though…I will have Saturday!

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