It Was Only A Kiss

He uttered few words

Allowing his actions to be his voice.

I was a prisoner

Trapped in his strong embrace.

His eyes were focussed,

His every move deliberate

As he tilted my head up

And brushed his lips 

Softly across my mouth.

He gently sucked and nibbled

My bottom lip

Between feathery kisses.

I tasted passion,

I felt his desire

And restraint.

He did not rush this encounter,

My heart raced with anticipation.

I wanted to feel his hands

And those oh, so tender lips,

Explore every inch of my body.

He kissed me like

A starving man,

Savoring nourishment,

Rationing his portions

So he could return for more

As he had need.

I leaned into him,

Not hiding my desire,

I devoured his kisses

Like they were my last meal.

And then he pulled away.

Holding me away from his body,

Examining me carefully,

He let me go

Then walked away,

Leaving me breathless

And looking forward

To the next kiss.

©2012 Nike Binger Marshall


5 thoughts on “It Was Only A Kiss

  1. Reblogged this on Nikewrites Blog and commented:

    Happy Throwback Thursday! I went digging through the archives and found a piece that I have visited in while. Send to kids off do some chores and grab a glass of wine for this one! 🙂 Enjoy

  2. What’s wrong with that brutha? He better go back and hit that…Lmbo. Excellent read Nike. Sexy, but not trashy. I love that. And you ❤

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