Remembering MLK, Jr

44 years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. We have come a long way in the area of race equality, but we still have so far to go.

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I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook keeping up with friends and family. I also keep up with some of my favorite celebrities and public figures. Last week I decided to check out Dr. Cornell West’s fan page. He posted several announcements in support of a youth leadership conference, hosted and organized by his good friend, Tavis Smiley. There was one question in response to the post that is often asked of black leadership when these types of conferences are called: “Is there going to be some definitive strategy and planning or a bunch of talk about our “glorious” past?”

I tried to walk away from the question, but I couldn’t. This question annoys me every time I hear it. It reeks of laziness and complacency. I posted the following statement in response:

50 years ago there were leaders who shared a vision and guided the masses to…

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