Jade watched the entire ceremony through the window in the vestibule of the church. The bride was beautiful, radiant as she stood before Jade’s fiancé of three years and delivered her vows. Then Terence delivered his.
“Lydia, when we met three years ago, I knew my life would never be the same. Because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, caring for you, nurturing you, being there for you in all life has for us. I promise to be true and faithful to you now and forevermore. I’m proud to call you my wife.”
Jade shook her head as the tears flowed from her eyes. She couldn’t fight it anymore. He promised to marry her and the whole time, he was making plans and creating a life with someone else. How did she not know he had another life? The wedding planner moved towards her with a box of tissues.
“As many times as I do this, I tear up too. Aren’t they a beautiful couple? They were just wonderful to work with. He was so involved in the planning. I don’t get too many men who get that involved. He pretty much planned the entire service.”
“Is that so,” Jade whispered through her tears.
“Oh, yes! He was just wonderful! Do you know the couple?”
“Yes, the groom and I go way back. We haven’t seen each other for a while. He didn’t know I was coming, though.”
“Oh! Won’t he be surprised to see you!”
“I’m sure he will,” Jade said.
“Well, the most beautiful thing about this couple, is that they decided to save themselves for each other. No sex until the wedding night. They didn’t live together the entire time they dated. That is so rare nowadays. Most people just ‘play house’ before they get married. It really is so refreshing to see a couple that is committed to building a relationship on something other sex.”
Jade gasped in astonishment. No sex? Terence enjoyed sex more than Ron Jeremy. The past week was the longest they had ever gone without sex in their three-year relationship. She thought he was stressed out about work and his mother being sick. But no, his mother was front and center, the picture of health, dabbing her eyes and smiling at her baby boy. He planned this wedding to this other chick. He only told Jade three days before, by text message, that he was ending the relationship. No reason. Just a text. He didn’t even come home. He didn’t return her calls or respond to her texts.
“I now present you to Mr. and Mrs. Stockbridge,” the minister announced. The organ music began to play and the happy couple turned towards the congregation. The sanctuary doors opened and Terence’s eyes locked on hers. The color drained from his face. His bride was oblivious. She was too busy grinning and crying and waving to the crowd. Terence’s mother saw her too, but she looked confused. She knew that her son had just done something horrible. For a moment, Jade considered meeting the couple half way up the aisle and demanding answers from her former fiancé. But what would that do? He lied to her, he lied to his bride and family. He wasn’t going to tell the truth, not in church, not in front of his mother, his new in-laws and friends. No, it wasn’t worth it. She actually felt sorry for his bride. She had no clue who she just married. As she turned and strolled out of the church, Jade wondered who was the bigger fool in this situation; her for believing Terence was really going to marry her or Lydia for becoming his wife?

Nike Binger Marshall (c) 2012

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