Take Me

I don’t know how you figured out my deepest secret

And discovered that place that makes my knees weak.

You don’t have to touch me to steal my ability to utter a phrase.

I look forward to what you do to me each and every day.

When you say my name, heat rises within me

You handle each syllable of my name like classic poetry.

And when you finally touch me my nerve endings tingle.

And the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter and mingle.

Your lips brush over mine, lightly, teasing and licking.

I can’t help but think about the love we’ll soon be making.

But then you kiss that spot, and nip at it lightly,

I try not to moan too loud but, Oh! You excite me!

We’ve only just begun, but you have me on teetering the edge.

I’m practically begging you to take me to our bed.

While you continue in this relentless, delicious assault,

Energy flows through me like a thousand thunderbolts.

As I draw closer to climax, I beg you to take me.

Our bodies tense and passion explodes as we rise together in ecstasy.

You hold me close and tender as we descend from our climb

And whisper in my ear, “I want you to take me next time.”

Nike Binger Marshall (c) 2012


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