Rest Well My Friend

Even though we all understand that we will not walk this earth forever, it’s always a shock to the system when you hear about the loss of one to whom you are connected.  I found out on Saturday that friend from my social network passed away.  He crossed my mind just a few days before I received the bad news.  I intended to contact him and see how he was doing, if he was working on anything new.  It wasn’t meant to be.

He was one of the first people I met online when I began blogging and social networking.  Although I never met him face to face, he left a wonderful impression.  He was a kind and gentle soul.  He was very proud of his family.  He expressed how much he loved his parents, his kids, grandkids and friends often.  He loved jazz music and was absolutely passionate about poetry.  He was an amazing writer and an encouraging teacher.  He taught me a lot about voice and flow and introduced me to new styles of poetry.  He was always willing to collaborate and connect with other writers and authors.

I’m grateful to have met him, collaborate with him on more that one occasion.  I am even more grateful that he left pieces of himself behind, in volumes of poetry, for us to enjoy and remember him.

Rest in Peace Gene

You Are the Reason
Collaboration by Nike & EbonyPoet

I watch you silently as you sleep
And consider what has brought you to me.
I never thought that we could be
In this place again.

Friends for so long, but kept far apart
You always had a place in my heart.
It seems we have a brand new start.
Is this really our destiny?

Your very presence gives me hope
In a time of life when such thought seems remote.
Your very being is like a lifeboat
Sailing me to safety.

You are the reason I dare to hope
I dare to dream
I dare to feel
I dare to imagine that love is real.
You are the reason I dare to hope.


When love brings me doubt
You give me hope again
To share, to give, to embrace love
To give my heart and soul to only you

We make love, we share love
We give in to all the possibilities of love
Like two ships sailing in the night
Destination love’s elegant shores

What is desire?
If I do not have you next to me
What is passion
If it is not you that awakens my senses

You turn my doubts to hope
You give meaning to love
And as long as I have your heart and soul
Love will always blossom for us

You are the reason…

©2008-08-17 Collaboration by Nike & EbonyPoet
All rights reserved

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