I’m starting a rebellion. Who’s with me?

I was distressed in August, just a few days after my birthday, when I saw Halloween decorations were already on the shelves of local drug stores.  I shook my head.  I had yet to start school shopping for my daughter.

On Halloween morning, I went to the drug store to buy a bag of chocolate.  (Don’t judge me. I have needs.)  I walked to the seasonal aisle, and the Halloween candy was gone.  Christmas ornaments covered the shelves.  Thanksgiving was skipped!  No cute serving platters or plastic table linens decorated with autumn leaves or cornucopia, no turkey basters or other cool cooking gadgets.  Clearly, Thanksgiving is not a money-making holiday!
Now, a number of retailers plan to be open on Thanksgiving Day so shoppers can get a jump on Black Friday deals.   That doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the family dinner and reflect on all the things for which you are grateful.  A few local stations started playing Christmas music last week.

Over the last few years, my daughter has accused me of not having the holiday spirit.  Of course, she listens to Christmas music in June.  I try to explain to her, you can’t rush the “holiday spirit.”  It’s supposed to be a gradual building of excitement and anticipation, not a long drawn out advertising cycle.  I remember when I was a kid, how the crisp winter air, combined with twinkling Christmas lights and tinsel made me feel.  Christmas lasted 3 days, one week at the most.  There was something to look forward to, the gathering of family, good food, games, exchanging gifts, the music (alway Nat”King” Cole), all of these things worked together over the course of a week to create the perfect mood.  But now, the holidays are strictly for profit.  So I have decided to start a rebellion at home!

  • I will not go shopping for Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving day.  My family and I will enjoy good food, have some laughs and watch some movies.  Maybe we’ll play a few video games.  We are going to live in the moment and enjoy the day.
  • The Christmas tree WILL NOT go up before December 15th.  Ten days is more than enough time enjoy the building excitement that comes with the holiday.
  • Christmas music will not be in heavy rotation before December 15th.  I just don’t see he point of playing music all month.
  • Gift giving will be simple.  My name is not Rockefeller.  No big-ticket items.  Expensive gifts have NOTHING to do with the holiday (neither do the cheap gifts).  My gift giving will be deliberate and meaningful.
  • Christmas will be observed on December 24th and 25th, we will enjoy the afterglow of the holiday on the 26th and wish our British family and friends a Happy Boxing day.

So, who’s with me?  Who is bold enough to enjoy an “in-the-moment” holiday season this year?  How do you plan to take back the holiday season? Share your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “I’m starting a rebellion. Who’s with me?

  1. I agree! All I can do is shake my head when I see Christmas trees and Holiday Barbie dolls for sale in early October…and no judgment on the candy on Halloween. I hold off until the day after when it goes on sale!

    1. I usually do go the day after, but there was NO candy left on Halloween morning! Not even at the supermarket!

      I remember when the holiday used to be so much simpler….sigh….

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