Daddy’s Girls

Today we are taking a little break from Flash Fiction Friday to share an article from guest blogger, relationship coach, Katrina Gurl!

Take a Lesson from a Daddy’s Girl to Boost in Your Relationship

by Katrina Gurl

Katrina Gurl Daddys Girl pic

Have you ever wondered how some women seem to find the best guys?

Guys that:

  • Really love them
  • Genuinely treat them with loyalty
  • Respects them with complete honesty

During a little research I’ve been doing with 5 women from my church, they’ve seemed to master making a man love them unconditionally (and way past the honeymoon stage too) are those that were also daddy’s girls.  Now, I am in no way saying that ALL daddies’ girls get good men, but what I am saying, is that the behaviors of the women with loyal husband’s crosses roads drastically with the way daddy’s girl behaves.  This study is being conducted for the Kit Kat Coaching Series.

Daddy’s Girls feel as though their fathers can do anything, move mountains, if you will.  They are always concerned about their dad’s well-being and know they can count on him; no matter what.  The one thing that all daddies’ girls share is that the fathers are the apple of their eye.  Their whole world lights up when daddy comes home.

Women that have husbands that show them undying, unconditional, loyal love are the same as daddy’s girls towards their mates.  Their husbands are the apple of their eyes, they always put their man first and they really know how to nurture and bring out things that a man needs.

All men need these three things from his woman:

  • Appreciation
  • Acknowledgement
  • Affection

Have you ever noticed that most men have rather fragile egos? A daddy’s girl unknowingly makes her father feel proud to be who he is just the way he is.  When men become married, they crave praise.  Not in the ‘act of worship way’, but in a showing appreciation for him way.

Most everyone I know needs a little acknowledgement and as far as a daddy’s girl, when dad walks in the room her entire face seem to lights up simply because she love her father.  During my time of research, I have come to believe that our facial expression should look glorious, happy and in awe when our man has entered the room.

Also, never underestimate the power of Affection. Men love that too!  Affection does not always have to be through sex (even though that is more than welcomed), your affection for him can be shown through encouraging him and believing in him.

Daddy’s girls feel as though their fathers are superheroes, and although we know that as adults in a relationship or marriage there is no such thing, there is nothing wrong with making him feel BIG to us.  (Not that kind of big…gets your mind out of the gutter)!  Big in our life and heart….men love that stuff!

When a man has a woman who believes he can do ANYTHING, he is more apt to trust her with his heart and will do all that is in his power to make sure that he never lets her belief in him waver.

Take a lesson from a daddy’s girl for a boost in your relationship.

A special thanks to ‘Nike Writes’ for allowing me space to share.  If you’d like to find out more about me, my books or blog – visit and

14 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girls

  1. I’m a full fledged daddy’s and I agree wholeheartedly with this post! Out of my circle of female friends, I am the only one who had a positive, permanent father figure (my dearly beloved father) and I FIRMLY believe that there are relationship mistakes and men that I have naturally avoided simply because I had my daddy. Not only do daughters provide affection, acknowledgment, and acceptance to the men in their lives because of their fathers, but they also know how to receive these three things as well as affirmation from men because of their fathers. We always talk about why our young boys need their fathers to become men – our young girls need their fathers to become women as well! Great post Nike and Kat!

    1. Jess, you are so right! Both parents have great influence on a child’s life, but involved fathers are extremely important in a girl’s life!

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