Excerpt: Orange Butterfly

smiling in the mirror

Katherine Simmonds stepped out of the shower, with a bathrobe wrapped around her. She whistled to the sound of the music coming from the next room. Between both rooms, the walls were paper thin.

Joe Cocker’s, “You are so beautiful.”

She sat on the chair by the dresser table and looked at her expression in the mirror. She smiled, and shook her head to the slow rhythm of the beat. Her sister Daphne always said she looked like Mum, so did Mike and Liam her brothers. Though she never admitted it to any of them, the thought of looking like her mother scared her. Looking like her mother meant she looked weak, and vulnerable and big and unattractive.

The thought of being like her mother scared her. She loved her mother, but she didn’t like who she was. Her mother wasn’t a strong woman. If she was strong, a lot of things would have been different. She slowly began her beauty regimen, slowly shaking her head to the rhythm of the music from the next room.

Her husband’s room.

Her husband.


Once upon a time, he was the love of her life. At one point, he was the sunshine in her world, the air she breathed and everything to her. At that point in her life, she would have given anything and everything to make him happy. She loved him so much. She had never loved anyone that much. Not before him, or after.

He came into her life unexpectedly. She had been a big girl, a replica of her mother, and who was suffering from low self-esteem. She met Brian in a mall, and he liked her. He liked the big girl with bushy eyebrows and plain face. One year down the line, he transformed her. He put a ring on her finger and put her in the spotlight. She fell in love with him more each day, until he wanted more than she could give.

The first four years of their marriage was bliss. They would sit listening to the Beatles, and Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi. They would have candlelit dinners in the dining room, or out in the city with Christopher Layton, Nathaniel Redman or Edmond Flanagan. They would go pool dipping, or sky diving and come home giddy with laughter and joy.

How did everything change so soon?

Excerpt from

Orange Butterfly

By: Lily-Anne Longjohn

© Copyright 2013

Published by Authorhouse






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