Old Poetry

Here is piece I found while digging in my archives. I wrote this piece when I was with a group called SP2.  (Good times, gooooood times!)



Wounded Heart_by_Arriman found on Deviantart.com
Wounded Heart_by_Arriman found on Deviantart.com


What I’d Give For Love

I heard you

when you said you love me.

When you said

I don’t have to be afraid

to put this bruised

and broken heart in your hands

and you promised to mend it

and nurse it back to wholeness.

I know you meant it.

My heart began to heal

at that moment.

Your love is a treasure.

I want to savor

the feeling of pure love.

I’ve known love unrequited

one-sided love,

and neglected love.

We are familiar acquaintances

running a well-worn

path of sadness and isolation.

They are the hopeless brood

that bid me good morning each day,

and haunt my forlorn dreams each night.


My heart received your offering

of unconditional love,

but my mind has counted the cost

and potential loss,

and placed a lock on my lips

every time those words attempted

to travel across my tongue,

towards your patiently waiting ears.

I want you to hear

what burdens my heart

and comprehend

my vacillation

and trepidation.

I don’t want to lose any more.

I have just enough heart left

to survive one more attempt at love

or die trying to obtain it.

So, if you promise

to be tender

and patient with me,

I will give you the key

to my heart.

I will let you in.

I will reach out to you.

I will let you hold me

and sacrifice fear

for the possibility

of enduring love.



Nike Binger Marshall ©2009

2 thoughts on “Old Poetry

  1. Reblogged this on Nikewrites Blog and commented:

    Happy New Year and Happy Friday, friends! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start! Today I’m sharing a Flashback Friday poetry piece to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy!

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