Last Supper In Sudan

I’m cheating a bit with this post for the A to Z Challenge.  I know the title starts with ‘L’ but this post is for the letter “S” as in, ‘Supper’ and ‘Sudan.’

I wrote this poem in 2010. My cousin posted the Pulitzer Prize winning photo, captured by photographer, Kevin Carter, on Facebook and it moved me. It’s horrible, and heartbreaking but it’s real. Kevin Carter committed suicide the year after capturing this image. He was haunted by the things he saw in the Sudan.  It’s not certain if this child survived.  You can find more information about this picture and the photographer here.

Last Supper in Sudan

We are both hungry but only one of us will eat.
The predator stalks me
anticipating my last breath
and fight as I may
I know that last breath will overtake me
and before earth can cover me
The Stalker will move in to nip at my flesh.
I’m young and dying
and I don’t know what scares me more
the breath of death so near my cheek
or the talons of the predator so close my back.

Kevin Carter/CORBIS/Sygma

8 thoughts on “Last Supper In Sudan

    1. The child was moving towards the UN services camp for help. To be so close…it’s heartbreaking. Thanks for commenting April. 🙂

      1. I just looked it up on Wikipedia. He was told not to touch any of the children because of diseases, and after taking the picture he chased the vulture away. The child was a girl. It didn’t say what ever became of her if anything. I really wish I knew!
        Anyways, your poem is amazing. Captures that horrid moment 100%.

      2. He did what he could in the moment. But looking at the picture as a parent, I can understand how the picture might have haunted him. His hands were tied.

        Thanks April!

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