Rainbows in My Tear Drops

Once again, I’ve dug into my archives and found this little gem! It was written as a tribute to a child who was in a terrible auto accident some years ago.


Rainbows in My Tear Drops

I chase the last rays of day
and clutch them in my hands
so I can place them in your eyes
and enjoy the golden glow.

I want to give you a field
of honeysuckle and peonies,
sweet and fragrant
to match your spirit and beauty.

I want to give you every word
and spoken
and yet to be created
to be sure you never lack ways
to express love
and peace
and joy
and pain.

I’m going to take the rainbows
in my tear drops
and toss them towards the sun
and pray that our floods evaporate
and our feet find dry places to rest.

I’m going to hold these gifts
and wait
for you
to return to me.

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