You’ve passed it by,

squandered it,

gave it away,

burned it,

and now you look back

and lament;

wasting eye water,

wishing to hold it in your hands once more.

But it’s gone!

I’ve stolen it!

It’s mine!

I hold it tight in my grasp and you will never get it back!

But I’m not so horrible.

There is more if you look.

Just know it is not available in surplus.

Supply is limited.

Grasp it and use wisely

or I’ll claim it as my own,


The Time Keeper
The Time Keeper

One thought on “Time

  1. Reblogged this on Nikewrites Blog and commented:

    Yes, it’s Thursday! Which means that I have been digging in the archives looking for a great post from the past to share with you. This poem about time seems to be fitting for the occasion! Enjoy!

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