Just a trip down memory lane…

If you were born in the 80s or earlier, you know what a 45 and a 33 are. For all of you youngsters that are reading this, a 45 (and a 33, for that matter) is how your mother and father enjoyed listening to music. They were invented sometime after the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and before CDs were the way to carry music around. Here’s a picture of a 45 for you.

45 LP
45 LP – the A side of the record


I had a bunch of these as a kid. Most of my 45s were recorded books. I was able to play 45 on my Fisher Price record player while reading along with my book. Cool, right? 🙂

When I was about 6, my dad bought me my first 45 that had MUSIC on it! You couldn’t tell me ANYTHING! I was officially a big shot! I owned my own music record! Considering that when I received this record, we were on the tail end of the disco era and at the dawn of the rap music era, the success and popularity of the song on my 45 is surprising. But I think what made it a hit was that it was not an uncommon thing to say in New York City.  It fit the personality of my hometown perfectly!

So, I present to you, one of the favorite songs of my childhood: Shaddup You Face by Joe Dolce. Enjoy! 😀

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