K is for Keeping Up

Keeping up


I’m having a great time with the A to Z Challenge. It’s really forced me to stretch myself to come up with continuous content for my blog.

The biggest challenge has been to create and post in alphabetical order. I hope those of you that are following these posts don’t think that I don’t know the alphabet based on the order of my posts. I know my alphabet! I really do!  But this is a part of being creative, right? I’ve actually been digging through old notebooks and working on abandoned pieces as well as stumbling on pieces that I just wasn’t ready to share at the time.

So, as of now, I have the letters E, G, H, Q, V, W, X (what on EARTH am I going to do for ‘X’?!), Y and Z, to complete. The post for ‘H’ is coming next! I am determined to finish this challenge, even if it spills over into the month of May!

Thank you all for following the blog, liking my posts and commenting. I am LOVING the feedback!

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