Happy Music

There is a saying that says, “Music will calm the savage beast.” Well, can give a stumped author/blogger an inspirational boost, too!

I have a few ‘go to’ songs I listen to that help me focus, and/or give me a spiritual boost.

There’s Hope by India Arie
I usually listen to this at the start of my day.


Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
This video has gone viral. I LOVE the kids dancing in this video! I have no idea what the singer is saying, but the song is happy and the kids dancing just puts a bow on it. I listen to this every chance I get. 😀 (This is not the official music video. You can watch the official video here.)



Blessing in the Storm by Kirk Franklin and the Nu Nation Project
This song gets me through stressful times. It reminds me that some good that comes out of a bad situation.



Heaven by Forever Jones
Because they just sing their hearts out on this song!


One More Time by Harry Connick, Jr.
This is on the slower side of the “uplifting” musical scale, but this songs always moves me. This song says: When things look hopeless, don’t give up. There is another opportunity.



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