Every Woman

It’s Throwback Thursday! Here is a post I wrote in 2011 about finding the balance in womanhood. This may be a timely read for someone. Ladies, how many of these things do you do right now?

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I’m a mother, sister, daughter friend, leader at work and church, author, budding business woman, counselor…these are the hats I wear. The truth is: these are the hats I struggle to keep in balance on top of my head. This is not a situation unique to me.

Many women are in a constant internal struggle with the expectations that each of these roles brings. Many women also compare their achievements (or failures) to other seemingly successful women. The working mother envies the stay-at-home mother, the stay-at-home mother thinks the working mother looks down her nose at the stay-at-homers. The single, career driven woman fights the social pressure to settle down and start a family before it’s “too late.” Older women struggle to understand “these young girls.” They can’t seem to keep their mates happy, their kids are spoiled and ill-mannered, and won’t stay home and they don’t know the first…

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