Things Lovers Say

Well, it’s Throwback Thursday! Time for me to share a piece from the archives! I smile when I read this particular piece. As much as this can be read as poetry between two people in relationship, it’s very much a piece about a one-on-one relationship with God. These are my own words coming back to convict me! How do I expect a relationship with God to work, if I’m not giving Him my time and attention? 🙂

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How can you say you are lonely

When I’m standing right here?

I try to have conversations with you all the time

But you just ignore me.

Sometimes say you’ll listen

But most times

It’s just lip service.

I’m not asking for much,

A little time,

A little attention,

But you treat me like a genie in a bottle.

You think, if you rub me the right way

From time to time

I’ll be satisfied

And give you whatever you ask for.

Sometimes I do it

Because I love you

And I want you to have the best.

Sometimes it’s a test

To see if you will say thank you

And reciprocate.

You usually don’t.

When you do

It’s just you being polite

Or glad that I got your butt out of trouble

One more time.

I should leave.

But I promised you that I wouldn’t.

You make me feel…

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