At Nightfall

It has been another busy week in my world! I missed posting my Flash Fiction Friday piece on time, so I’m posting it as a “Sorry it’s so late Short Story Sunday” piece. Sometimes, you have to make these things work for you!

The inspiration for this piece was the picture below.  I really struggled with creating a story around the scene, but it all came together at the 11th hour! Enjoy!

At Nightfall

We belong to this place. It is our ancestral home. We returned to it to build our homes and raise our families, but they chase us away. All we want to do is live. Is that too much to ask? We want to feel safe and secure in our homes, just like they do.

Are we so different? We have old traditions. We live together – great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, siblings – in the same house. We share everything. If one finds food, we all share the bounty. That is the way it should be for everyone. They have their traditions, and expect us to honor them, why can’t they do the same for us? We like to eat many of the same things. Why don’t they share among themselves and with us? We don’t ask for much. We don’t mind eating what is left over. We like what they like: bread, eggs, bacon – we LOVE bacon, fruits, and vegetables. We will even clean up the kitchen after we eat.

Instead of giving coexistence a chance, the humans slaughter us without thought or reason. I’ve had many wives, many children, and lost them all to habitual extermination rituals of the People, as have many of my brothers.  So, my brothers and I have decided to evacuate, temporarily. We have moved into the nearby woods. There, we hide and plot our revenge. We do not take the slaughter of our families lightly. There is no justice for us. Their laws ignore our kind, and they don’t acknowledge us as a valuable and significant life form. We will take matters into our own hands. We decided that our absence will lead them into a false sense of security and give us time to reproduce, increase our numbers and then dominate the murderous humans. They will acknowledge our presence and power!

We have observed that they receive a visit from their fellow humans once a month. They bring plenty of food and drink. We see the headlights from their vehicles when they arrive from our hiding place in the woods. We will quietly make our way into the house. We’ve mapped out all the unprotected, unguarded openings to the home. We will strike at nightfall, after they have all fallen asleep. We will occupy the kitchen and bathrooms and only reveal ourselves in quantity to devastate the women and children, as they seem to fear us most. We’ve recruited other groups who have also been victimized by the humans to aid us in our quest for favorable coexistence. We understand the risks. We don’t want to do this by force, but they leave us no other options. There will be casualties, run ins with aggressive pets the humans have trained to attack and kill us, but we will prevail! We, the Vermin and Pest Brigade will win!!


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