Wrath of the Toothfairy

Nothing like a vexed Tooth Fairy….errrm…Nymph! (I don’t want this chick coming after me!!) Happy Thursday! Happy Reading!


Nikewrites Blog

Image I’m NOT a fairy!

My name is Adelphe.  I am a sister of Artemis.  You wouldn’t know me by name, but you know my title and job description. I am the Tooth-Fairy. I bet you just got all excited and giddy. You have pleasant memories of sticking your baby teeth under your pillow and waking up to find a roll of cash under your pillow. Have you ever wondered what I do with those broken, plaque covered little teeth those rotten, snot-nosed, money-grubbing, little crumb snatchers leave behind? I deliver them to the bridge trolls, Grook, Maolk and Dave. They grind them into flour and make Troll Bridge Cookies, which the mythical creatures in my realm enjoy immensely. I get half a cent per tooth. That’s a complete rip off, especially considering the rate of inflation, the strain of lifting and hauling bone fragments and lack of vacation…

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