Remembering 9/11 today.

My daughter turned 18 last month. She shared with me that she doesn’t remember much about that day. She recalls arriving at school, being evacuated minutes later and seeing the buildings fall on the news reports that day. She didn’t understand, until this week, why I was always (and still am) a little nervous about the planes that fly over the highway and land at our local airport.
Her teacher showed her class the video of the planes hitting the Twin Towers this week. I think she understands my nervousness about low flying aircraft, now. She has the full visual of what happened that day. But, I almost wish she didn’t.

NYC skyline Towers of light

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It was a sunny day. It was warm out. We were still talking about the passing of Aaliyah. My daughter was just starting first grade. I was excited! She came home completely worn out and slept through the night! The days of her sleeping four hours a night and running fully charged during the rest of the day were finally over! Katie, Matt, Al and Anne were engaged in their usual morning banter. My daughter and I laughed at their joke as we walked out the door. I drove her to school and walked her into the lobby with the other students. One of the school administrators saw me (the only parent) walking my daughter in. She smiled and said in a sing-song tone, “Miss Indie-pend-aaaaant!” I smiled and thought to myself, “Yeah…I know I’m one of those mom’s….leave me alone!” I watched as my baby hurried down the hall…

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