While He Sleeps

Today’s Throwback Thursday post is a love poem I wrote a few years ago called While He Sleeps. Enjoy!

Insolated Touch by Salaam Muhammad
Insulated Touch
by Salaam Muhammad

I keep watch as he sleeps

And wonder what he dreams of

When his brow is creased.

What problem is he solving?

I gently caress his brow,

To wipe away his cares,

And whisper softly in his ear,

“Baby, I’m right here.”

He stirs a little

And pulls me close

With strong protective arms,

And rests his head against my breast,

I kiss his head

And stroke his back

And pray away his stress.

As he breathes so gently,

I know I have a treasure.

For I have been blessed

With a love so great,

It flows between us

And grows daily.

So, as he sleeps

And his brow is creased

I return his embrace

And thank God

For my blessing.

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