I was looking through my notebook for unfinished stories to play around with earlier today, and I came across the rough draft for this story. We live in such a “noisy” world, it’s nice to get back to a quiet place.

Bluemoon on visualparadox.com

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Bluemoon on visualparadox.com Bluemoon on visualparadox.com

We sat on the dock with legs dangling over the edge. The water made a gentle sloshing sound along the shore. Crickets chirped and frogs croaked. We looked over the water, enjoying the bright, white reflection of the moon.  The moon was full tonight and it seemed so close. Millions of stars dotted the night sky.

James sat beside me, quiet and still, as if any movement or sound he made would make the scene evaporate.  He had never been camping before. Living in the city, we don’t get to see the sky like this. The moon is the most visible thing, and maybe a few stars, but street lights block out so much of the light that’s present in the night sky. Here, in almost perfect darkness, it felt like I was seeing every star ever created. The deep blanket of darkness was covered with diamond-like shimmer.

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2 thoughts on “Quiet

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    can you tell me in chinese .
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    It is so hard.
    but I known you are pretty,
    look your photo.

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