Hey, You’re going to be just fine.

I had a few friends join in to answer the question, “What advice would you give your younger self?” This is my friend Kristina’s response to the question. I LOVE her response! Take a read and feel free to share your thoughts!

Second Act, Second Chance

Dear Nicki or Stinka Pooh (nicknames when I was a little girl),

You’re around 10 years old and you’ve experienced a lot in those tender years. Your father was never around, your mother was always working and providing for you and your sister, you are practically raising your sister now just to help fill in the gap. Life has seemingly given you this adult assignment and put it on your tiny shoulders.  You’re introverted, you have now begun to write to express what you are too scared to say.  You feel overlooked, abandoned and like your voice doesn’t count for anything. You’re scared and you cocoon yourself because the world is such an awful place for you.  But guess what? You’re going to be just fine.  Your father left you at the age of seven but you’re going to be just fine. Your mother worked a lot and never really…

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