Running into My Older Self

Fellow blogger Don found a clever way to get in contact with his younger self. He left him with two life changing pieces of advice! Check it out!

Don Miskel

I was all of fourteen, applying a healthy coat of Noxema to my pimpled face, when the strangest thing happened. The mirror became cloudy, though I wasn’t running the hot water in the sink or shower. As the fog cleared a bit, I noticed a face in it that was very familiar, but somehow different.

“Hey, kid,” the older version of me said.

I jumped back, startled and exhilarated at the same time. “How the heck did you..?”

“Shut up, Don. I’ve only got a few minutes. Through an experimental technological advance I stumbled upon in the year 2015, I was able to tune in to your frequency.”


“Butt my ass! Hush up and listen.”

The man in the mirror was handsome, though his hair had become gray in some places. His eyes had seen things that would unravel in my future. I listened to every word he said.

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