D is for Dear Future Husband

Image by Neerav Bhatt
Image by Neerav Bhatt

Dear Future Husband,

I know that you are out there

Praying for me, your Future Wife.

I know you are strong and smart,

A provider and protector.

You will not bruise my body

Or leave my heart shattered.

You will see my worth

And celebrate it, cherish it.

My beloved Future Husband,

I pray for you daily.

I will care for your heart

Like it is my own.

I won’t just hear you,

I’ll listen to you.

I will not harm you

Or allow harm to come to you.

I will stand by your side.

I’ll hold you up when you feel weak

And be a safe and gentle place

When you are wary.

You are special to me, even now,

Before we ever meet.

Together, we will be unbreakable,

And unstoppable.

We will have each other’s back.

We will be faithful and loyal to each other.

We will be an example to our children

Of what a marriage with God at the center

Should be.

Dear Future Husband,

I’m here.

I’m waiting for you.


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