Pied Piper

It’s Throwback Thursday once again and today I’m focussing on the letter “P.” This poem is from the 2014 A to Z Challenge. Enjoy…again! 😀

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Pied_Pier by lilliesformary on Deviantart.comPied_Pier by lilliesformary on Deviantart.com

You were all things

Shiny and new.

Sweet and warm and tender.

You loved me.

And I loved you.

We were us in the most

Complete and beautiful way.

But you were skilled

In sleight of hand.

Showing me one thing

While doing another.

Smoke and mirrors

And hidden compartments.

I took it all in

Like a child full of wonder.

You enjoyed the show most.

You were like the piper

Playing a fine tune

And you came into my world

With enchanting sounds.

The melodies we shared,

I loved and cherished.

These were our songs,

About our love.

That are now echoes on the wind.

You vanished.

Disappeared like a fine mist.

No rhyme, no reason.

I’m left holding the bag

In which we placed

our most treasured moments

And dreams for the future

Your last words to me were,


You left me…

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