Vera’s Place

It’s Throwback Thursday once again! Here is another piece from 2014’s A to Z Challenge: Vera’s Place. Enjoy!

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Aunt Vera's Porch Original image found here. Aunt Vera’s Porch
Original image found here.

Aunt Vera and I sat on her front porch and watched the rain fall. We were wrapped in blankets and sitting on the lawn sofa, sipping tea.  This was the thing we did. We were experiencing a cool, steady, spring rain. The sound of the rain hitting the grass and paved surfaces was soothing. The air was clean, and most of the world hid inside, too afraid to get wet. The slick, sloshing sound of tires the of passing vehicles made against the roadway punctuated the liquid symphony.

“Me and your Uncle used to do this,” Aunt Vera said.

“I remember. I miss Uncle Vern.”

She nodded. We fell silent again. Uncle Vernon passed away a little over a year ago. It was sudden. He was the picture of heath. He went to the gym regularly, avoided junk food and took all kinds…

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