Photo credit: Joel Montes de Oca
I have been struggling to write for the last month. I’m not lacking the ideas. I’ve started several stories and jotted plenty of notes. I’ve written some amazingly deep paragraphs and story openings only to become stalled about how or where to use those words next. It’s frustrating! But I’ve realized that certain thoughts and situations have dominated my attention and shifted my focus.  (Not that some of those things didn’t need attention! I still have bills to pay to a kid to take care of!) So, I took Monday afternoon to do a writing purge. I wrote out the things that were weighing heavily on my mind. Why was that so important, you ask? Because I write emotionally. I get into my characters. When my character is upset, I’m upset. When they are happy, I’m happy. When they crack a joke, I giggle. It may sound extreme, but if I don’t feel it, you won’t feel it when you read my stories, either. Those thoughts and situations blocked my creative flow and weighed me down. Writing it out helped! Weight lifted! (Insert a happy dance >>here<<.) Now, I feel like I can dig deep and do some creating! I should probably get started as some of you will are looking forward to a Flash Fiction Friday post! 😉
Happy Wednesday, folks! 😀

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