In the Grass

I almost missed #TBT. I wasn’t sure which piece to share. But this piece is perfect! (I’ll explain why later!) 😀

In the meantime, happy reading!

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I’ve had the same dream every night for the last month. At first, I only saw the snake slithering towards me through the tall grass. I always woke with a start when its vibrant green body rose out of the grass to look me in the eye. In later dreams, she was there, standing in the distance, dressed in a green strapless dress. I knew her, though I could not recall her name or how we met. Her presence made me uncomfortable. I found myself keeping a more careful eye on her than the snake. She had tribal tattoos on her shoulders, her auburn hair was shaved on the sides and french braided into a mohawk. Her skin was deep brown, and her hazel eyes were intense. She didn’t speak, she just watched as the snake slithered from her side, toward me. I still woke…

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