Self-Portrait – STCW Writing Challenge

Today’s Throwback Thursday piece made me smile. Four years later, I can’t think of a thing I would change about this (with the exception of the “new” color dotting my hairline. But even that is of minimal concern!) I guess this is what aging gracefully is all about! Happy Thursday friends!

Nikewrites Blog

The face is familiar. There are five different faces looking back at me. My mother, my father, my aunt, my child and my grandfather look back at me. Yet, I’m an original. I remember when I was thinner. My skin was smoother. My hair was longer. My eyes were brighter. Now, there is a veil – a thin film over my face. Life was etched around my eyes, across my forehead, on either side of my mouth. The dark circles under my eyes aren’t from a lack of sleep. Maybe they are. I those dark circles are from the tears I’ve cried. That’s what I think. They are evidence of over-dried tear ducts. The parentheses around my mouth are smile lines. They are frown lines. I smiled for every love I thought I discovered and embraced. Then I scowled when the love I thought was real, vanished like no more…

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