Happy Flashback Friday Friends!! I LOVE a good ghost story! (But if the story is TOO good, I tend to sleep with lights and TV on to ward off the things that go “bump” in the night!) This story is my first attempt at writing the paranormal. I shared this a year ago, but you may have missed it! Enjoy! (With the lights on! 😉 )

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Image from the Alvan S. Harper Collection.Image from the Alvan S. Harper Collection.

We spent the summer renovating our new home. The colonial style house, which sat vacant for over twenty years, was built in 1870 and sat on five acres of what used to be 180 acres of farmland. I was uncomfortable with our purchase. The cost of renovations being one reason, and the strange feeling that we were being watch was another. My husband thought I was just weirded out by the haunted appearance of the long abandoned house. I was the one who loved old houses and this house had character. It was a beautiful structure, with a field stone facade and wrap around porch. It was larger than most homes built at that time. The barn, which sat behind the house was large, but needed a lot of work. Steven planned on converting it to a three car garage with office space…

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