Double Rainbow

My daughter had a challenging day at work today. She started this new job last week. This is her dream job, so when she doesn’t do things just right, she takes it hard. She isn’t looking at this as “just a job.” This is the beginning of her career, a learning experience. She is trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible and prove that she’s a valuable member of the team. However, a few personal inconvieniences prevented her from being completely prepared for training today.

She came home frustrated and ranted about the things that needed to change in her personal life, that would make focussing on her career and education a little easier. We really didn’t get a chance to talk about those things in great detail. Her boyfriend showed up and she dashed out the door. Ahhhh…to be 19 again! A few moments after she left, she texted me the picture below. She said it “made her day.” I’m pretty sure it reminded her that all is not lost! Tomorrow will be a better day.

Double Rainbow


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